What are doTERRA Essential Oils?

Explore the “Learn” Section on the Share Success homepage. The videos, charts, and diagrams on this page will help you understand why the oils work, why they are safe, and how millions of people are using them in their everyday life. If anything you are curious about isn’t covered here, Google is your friend! There are so many fascinating blog posts online that delve into specific topics—you could easily lose hours down the rabbit hole once you start researching!

Further, doTERRA’s commitment to transparency and purity can be explored at www.sourcetoyou.com On this page you will find one of my greatest sources of information on why doTerra is everything I say it is and feel it to be. You will find information on the Growers, the Distillation, the Science behind the oils, the Sourcing, the Practitioners, and how they help You, why they are important to you and you can even track the quality of your bottle of oil and find out the why, when and where of your doTerra bottle of oil.

Right off the bat, here are some resources to get you excited about learning more :guide on How to use the Top 10 Essential Oils

Talk Nerdy To Me ~ Essential Oil Science Explained

There is a growing body of scientific research that explores essential oils as a viable (and even better!) alternative to synthetic medicine. Check out PubMed for an archive of peer-reviewed studies. To learn more about the future of doTERRA healthcare, check out their blueprint for holistic health clinics nationwide. This is really exciting stuff, guys!

Healthcare in America

16% of our GDP goes towards fighting disease/healthcare in general

doTERRA Company Ethos

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.” – Proverb

The following links and videos will help you understand why so many have called doTERRA a company of integrity. It’s more than a drop of oil in your hand, it’s a catalyst for impacting many lives beyond your own in ways once thought impossible. Have you stopped to think about the way your essential oils are sourced? Or, more importantly, the impact your purchase has on farmers and their communities? The essential oil industry at large is often rife with self-service, greed, soil depletion, and low-wages that are detrimental to already unstable third-world economies…not to mention our Mother Earth! The perfume industry is also wrought with corruption and deception (just watch the documentary STINK!) But, then, there’s doTERRA. With their focus on co-impact sourcing, they provide health and wellness with a conscience. They provide us with the highest quality oil and improve the quality of life for thousands of farmers and distillers worldwide by stabilizing wages, creating income, forming partnerships and cooperatives, and funding incredible development projects in local communities. Now, that’s a community I am proud to be a part of! Learn more about co-impact sourcing here.

Further, doTERRA is highly receptive to the ideas and passions of their wellness advocates (you!). So much so, that they open up healing hands project submissions to anyone! In fact, I have had my foundation highlighted as a healing hands project. In short, doTERRA cares!

Here’s my story:

About 12 years ago I was introduced to an Organization called Home Sweet Home. 

“Loving and caring for those with special needs, Building their character in a loving home environment, Developing their skills through training and employment, Assisting their integration in the community”

My family and I volunteered with HSH for all the years we were living in Shanghai – they even made all the Cub Scout shirts for our Dens! Fast forward a decade.  I was at a doTERRA Corporate event and they played a video that had a woman wearing a really cute doTERRA Apron.  I asked the General Manager where I could purchase one. He explained that we didn’t have them in China. I asked if they were open to looking at charitable organization that would not only do an excellent job, but would benefit greatly from the work.  His eyes lit up when I explained HSM to him. He said that was EXACTLY what doTERRA was always looking for! It was just a few months later when I received the phone call.  Watch this video:

Let’s just say many orders and a $10,000 donation from doTERRA has significantly helped this outstanding organization and all the lives it impacts. Hang on… I need a tissue break!